St. George Dragon Link

SAINT GEORGE AND THE DRAGON is a Genuine Signed & Dated Ari Roussimoff Oil on Canvas Painting, measuring a very large sized 38 x 40 inches. This powerful surrealist-like canvas was completed in 1985. SAINT GEORGE AND THE DRAGO offers a Mesmerizing Interpretation of the Legend of Saint George. It also serves as a unique homage to old Russian lore. The imposing warrior/saint bravely battles against a ferocious three-headed mythic creature. The dynamic action takes place in and on a purely spiritual plateau, quite removed from the Earth and the other planets of the Solar System. Life as we know it is a strange melange of contradictions, religiosity, martyrdom, sexuality and intellectual thought. The brave warrior represents wisdom and knowledge, while the dragon is ignorance and arrogance. This beautiful painting pays homage to the traditions of both Medievil Russian Icon painting as well as to Byzantium. There are many intriguing details to be found in this exemplary fantastical artwork. The dramatic image of the dragon is outstanding. The monster practically springs to life! The warrior is equally dynamic and animated. Within this canvas one can see the venerable author/philosopher Leo Tolstoy holding up a large staff bearing a cross. Three traditional Russian heads, the ancient “Boyar” with his thick fur hat, the rebellious bald-headed “Cossack” and the elegent mutton-chop wearing “Czarist Officer” represent various periods of that vast and mysterious country. Religion is being represented as a powerful life-force, always moving and floating through time toward eternity. A sensuous looking nude girl proudly exposes her femininity as if to proclaim to the world that female sexuality is tantamount to the continuing existance of all mankind. All-powerfull mystical rays of light shine down upon the planet from Heaven. This work is embedded with the best of the artist’s symbolism. It stemms from his period of Fantasy and Surrealist-like works. “SAINT GEORGE AND THE DRAGON” is a Truly Gorgeous Artwork! Great Colour and Incredible Imagery!



Oil on Canvas by Ari Roussimoff