Romance Old Russia Link


”ROMANCE OF OLD RUSSIA” is an Authentic Signed and Dated Ari Roussimoff Oil on Canvas Painting. This incredible work was began in the year 1973 and completed in 2003. It measures approx. 30 x 35 3/4 inches. “ROMANCE OF OLD RUSSIA” is a Gradient, Magical and Fairy Tale-Like Romantic Vision of Old Mother Russia. The viewer is Transported to a World of Innocent Love and Spirited Dreams. This Work captures the Very Heart and Soul of Russian and Slavic Traditions. One can almost hear those Great Old Soul Stirring Folk Melodies played for generations on Balalaika Instruments. This moving painting, with its distinctively flowing blend of warm, spirited colours and swift, thick and sensuous brushstrokes, will bring much joy to any room and collection. In this warm-hearted rendering, the artist presents us with a painterly depiction of sensuous young lovers being smiled at slyly by a wise and all-knowing tree. Mother nature is very knowledgeable! This is a painting that breathes with life and joy! It is a work of PURE MAGIC. The deeply Poetic Spirit that runs through this entire Artwork is what is called “Russkoye Dusha”, or, in other words, “Russian Soul”. This is an excellent example of the Artist’s Famous and Well-Beloved Eastern European Folk Scenes. A Most Stunning Painting!



Oil on Canvas by Ari Roussimoff