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REMEMBRANCE”is an Authentic Signed and Dated (1981) Ari Roussimoff Oil on Canvas Painting, measuring a large sized approx. 31 x 35 1/2 inches. This Painting speaks poignantly to the strength and resilience of the Jewish people. His world in ruins, a Jewish Survivor reaches out toward his God in a reaffirmation of faith and hope. His body is symbollically intertwined with an apocalyptic landscape of destroyed buildings and barbed wire. Surviving the greatest of tragedies, this pious man clutches dearly to him the Holy Torah Scroll and declares his faith in God. While the message of this Holocaust Painting is truly universal in every sense, Roussimoff puts this universality in the context of its pointedly Jewish experience, bringing the historic context of ethnic Jewish persecution, suffering, and transcendence into the central focus. The artist counts this painting among his true religiously inspired works.



Oil on Canvas by Ari Roussimoff