Las Vegas Under The Sun Link


 A Unique Vision of  Las Vegas Under a Vibrant Sun. Here is Sin City in All Its Exciting Whimsical Glory!

“For many, Las Vegas offers limitless fantasies of hitting the jackpot and hence, living that not too frequently attainable high life. To others, Vegas is a garish whirlpool of desperation, futility or vice. However, the endless cavalcade of visitors mixed with sparkling colors and flickering lights give it the magical aura of a carnival. Being neither gambler nor drinker, I see Vegas with its vast boulevard of curiosities as being one of the world’s most amusing theme parks.”- Ari Roussimoff

”LAS VEGAS UNDER THE SUN” is a beautiful work bathed in sizzling, yet poetic, colors, as only the hand of international artist, Ari Roussimoff could create. This painting is a hallmark of Roussimoff’s “A Russian Views America” series, a unique group of compositions, depicting American cities in a very individualistic manner. “LAS VEGAS UNDER THE SUN” is one of several works that the artist has created depicting the magic of Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Strip is beaming with energy. Smiling down upon Vegas is a radiant Sun, the crowned King of daylight. This is an Authentic Signed and Dated, Ari Roussimoff Oil on Canvas Painting from the year 2006. With sparkling jewel-like colors, the artist has created a monumental 30 x 40 inches sized vision of that legendary American playground in the desert. The artist successfully captures the whimsical and sexy spirit of Vegas at its most entertaining. Casinos, enthusiastic groups of visiting tourists and a variety of circus folk populate this dynamic composition. One recognizes several famous Vegas landmarks, the newly built “Paris Casino” in all its romantic best, boasting a dazzling version of the “Eiffel Tower”, the exotic oriental “Aladdin Casino”, “New York, New York” with its outstanding Roller Coaster and Statue of Liberty and the triumphant Lion designating the “MGM Casino”, a striking homage to Hollywood. There is also the “Coca Cola Building” and “M & M’s World”. Among the diverse cast of characters are P.T. Barnum’s discoveries, General Tom Thumb and Lavinia Warren, a Court Jester, a couple of men wearing their Masonic Lodge Aprons, and a host of other eccentrics and entertainers. One of the visitors wears a “Freaks Uncensored” tee shirt, Roussimoff’s tribute to his own award-winning documentary movie. This exciting work represents the artist’s impressions of one of his favorite American cities. The entire painting is a jewel! Guaranteed to brighten up any room and collection! The purchaser will receive a certificate of authenticity.



Oil on Canvas by Ari Roussimoff