Giant Grandfather In The Snow

RUSSIAN SHTETL FANTASY is a Genuine Signed and Dated Ari Roussimoff Oil on Canvas Painting, measuring a large-sized 24 x 30 inches. This Highly Impressive canvas was painted in the year 1976. RUSSIAN SHTETL FANTASY is an Incredibly Creative and Moving Interpretation of the Thriving Lifestyle that had once existed in the Old Jewish Shtetls of Russia, Poland, Ukraine and throughout all of Eastern Europe. This work can also be described as a personal artistic Hommage to this vanished world. A snowy town landscape serves as an elaborate stage setting for a colourful cast of Shtetl Personalities. Bearded Hassidic Patriarchs, Water Carriers and local Peasants are all enjoing their routine activities on this brisk Winter day. The Horse-driven Sleds are making their way through the magical white wonderland. Like in a Fairy Tale, people come in all sizes. Their costumes are simply wonderful. One finds the Traditional Long Fur-Trimmed Caftans and the Festive Jewish Fur Hats known as the “Spodik” and the “Shtreiml”. The houses, all small and jewel-like, are positioned in such a lively way that they almost appear to be dancing. One imagines hearing “old-world” melodies being played by Klezmer bands. A wooden windmill is porched on the hilltop and a well serves the entire community dutifully. There is an amazing amount of intricate detail work here. Everything is depicted with both a historical accuracy and also a deeply felt inner truth that distinguishes this painting from most “genre” pieces. Although one can ascribe a most charming folk-like quality to this piece, it is nonetheless, a work of great overall artistic sophistication. It is exquisite in both technique and style. Here is the type of sensitive nostalgic painting that, when displayed, will definitely brighten up any room. The images portrayed so lovingly on this canvas are embedded with the power to open up many hearts. Filled to capacity with great warmth, whimsy and lyricism, no one will remain unmoved by its fascinating spirit. This is a Genuine Magical Portrayal of the Eastern European Jewish Experience by Ari Roussimoff.



Oil on Canvas by Ari Roussimoff