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2007 Oil on Canvas 36 x 48

Here is the Old World as it Really Was! Ukrainian Farmers, Russian Cossack Officers and Hassidic Jews All Come Together at the Carnival Sideshow. On Stage are a Colorful Assortment of Unique Performers and Historic Circus Freaks.

”CARNIVAL FESTIVITIES” is a Genuine Signed And Dated Ari Roussimoff Oil on Canvas Painting, measuring a very large sized 36 x 48 inches and painted in 2007. This is one of several large compositions devoted to carnival and circus themes. In this particular work, the artist shows us what it was like when the carnival came to town. In the small towns of old Ukraine and Russia, the circus most often set up in the market place, usually located near the church. It was opening day! Select performers mingled with the crowd displaying their unique talents while other acts and curiosities lined the stage. This was the way it once was. Roussimoff has captured this scene in a most exciting and individual way. The curious and bystanders alike came to the market on carnival day. Here are the local peasants, Cossacks, the Czarist officers, rural bureaucrats and dignitaries, voluptuous farm girls, Hassidic Jewish citizens, men, women and children of all ages. In the background are the amusements and rides. The featured Freaks and Working Acts: Giants, Dwarfs, the Seal Girl, The Human Torso, Dancing Pinheads, the Tattooed Wonder, Jo-Jo The Dog Faced Man, The Bearded Lady, The Siamese Twins, The Fat Man, The Sword Swallower wearing Masonic jewelry, A flamboyant Magician and his magic wand, The Strong Man along with clowns, acrobats, musicians and a host of others. The image of the Jester refers to “Farnos”, a whimsical character from Russian Folklore based on the classic Italian Pucinello. The world of Wonders as promoted by P. T. Barnum is seen here as it once was in eastern Europe. A wonderful work of art!

This Beautiful Oil Painting will make a great addition to anyone’s fine collection of Modern Impressionist and Expressionist Art. The purchaser will receive a certificate of authenticity.


Oil on Canvas by Ari Roussimoff