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Ari Roussimoff has been called the most prolific and creative artist of his generation.


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His paintings of Russian, Ukrainian and Jewish themes have earned him much acclaim.

These colourful and captivating paintings have been shown in over 80 exhibitions worldwide, including at the Nakhamkin Fine Arts Galleries, M.L. International Gallery of Fine Arts, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Bucharest Rumania Museum, The Nicholas Roerich Museum, Arma Galleries, Galerie Ehmer, Stephanie Ann Roper Gallery, The Theodor Herzel Institute, and many others. Among the many who have lauded Ari Roussimoff's paintings, were the modern masters Marc Chagall and Oskar Kokoschka. For some years now, Ari Roussimoff has also been leading a distinguished career as a director of motion pictures. His first full-length feature film, was the critically acclaimed surrealist horror movie, “SHADOWS IN THE CITY”. Most recently, Mr Roussimoff won the Phantom of the Movies’ award for Best Documentary of 1999 for his incredible film, “FREAKS UNCENSORED”. Considered by critics and audiences alike, as the best ever documentary about Circus Sideshow Performers, “FREAKS UNCENSORED” was just listed by the esteemed Facets Movie Lovers Video Guide as one of THE BEST DOCUMENTARY MOVIES OF ALL TIME! Ari Roussimoff has perfectly meshed his life as a painter and as a filmmaker in a way that has not been done before.

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Ari Roussimoff As A Filmmaker



Critical praise for Ari Roussimoff's film FREAKS UNCENSORED:

"Step Right Up Folks: See the Soul Beneath the Deformity...FREAKS UNCENSORED possesses the appeal of a well stuffed scrapbook...sprints through the history and lore of the unusual people...plenty of odd and malformed humanity...Remarkable film clips...compassionate..." -THE NEW YORK TIMES

"...Ari Roussimoff's neatly jaunty documentary...a world as fully fleshed as it is bizarre...A cornucopia of archival footage...an encyclopedic but breezy ride...a veritable visual menagerie... never feels exploitative...a warmth that lingers long after the disturbing spectacle of their bodies has faded..."-VILLAGE VOICE

"One of a kind" - NEW YORK DAILY NEWS "...Roussimoff has finally put things into perspective..." - NEW YORK PRESS

"...the definitive documentary on human oddities...a remarkably comprehensive look..." - VIDEO BUSINESS

"...Stunning...poignant...a respectful, mesmerizing homage...titillates, educates and mystifies...FREAKS UNCENSORED is all about flapping open the robe, inviting us to gaze unashamedly at the curiosities of the human condition" - VIDEOSCOPE MAGAZINE

"...The most fascinating collections of Freakaphelia you'll ever see...insightful...amazing archival film clips...invigorating... this movie hits a home run...exciting...boundariless thinking...unique collage concept..." - ROCTOBER MAGAZINE

"...uncompromising...Roussimoff's panoramic overview of this extraordinary subculture is one whose images will remain with viewers for years to come..." - OUTRE MAGAZINE

"...the definitive documentary about human physical oddities...astonishing amount of vintage freak film footage...an outstanding movie by anyone's standards..." - INTERNATIONAL TATTOO ART MAGAZINE

"...tackles the controversies head-on...Always compassionate...at times jarring and shocking...a panoramic mirror, reflecting an extraordinary world..." - THE BIG REEL