Phantasmagoria Art Link

 PHANTASMAGORIA is a Genuine Signed & Dated Ari Roussimoff Oil on Canvas-Panel Painting, measuring 18 x 24 inches. It was painted in the year 1996 for the exclusive promotion of the video release of Roussimoff’s horror movie, entitled: “Trail Of Blood”. This Highly Detailed Painting serves as the Eye-Catching cover of the video box. Due to this Incredible Artwork, the movie is considered to have one of the Finest, High-Quality video sleeves of all time! It is a Prized Collector’s Item. Now, the Original Penetrating Oil Painting can be Yours! This Fantastic Work is Executed in the Uniquely Hypnotic and Intense Fantasy-Style of Ari Roussimoff. Appropriately titled PHANTASMAGORIA, it is a work rich in exotic symbolism, recalling the intricacy of the Flemish 16th Century Old Masters, as well as Surrealism. The composition also reveals an influence of Tattoo Culture. This explosive painting can truly be described in terms of “Magic Realism”. “PHANTASMAGORIA” comes to life before one’s very eyes. By using the resources of a limitless imagination to interpret the inner substance of the film’s theme, the artist, with painstaking detail, renders a Human Labyrinth of mythic proportions. One never ceases to be amazed when discovering the many incredible and hidden images. There are references to life as well as death, and to various forces of the supernatural. In its focus on the human condition, one will find elements of raw sexuality, great mystery, sinister bigotry, and even urban upheaval. This is a dynamic artwork, painted with an appreciation of both psychology and humour. With its overwhelming sense of vigorous movement and unyielding energy, this is surely an unforgettable and explosive painting!



Below is a reproduction of “PHANTASMAGORIA” as cover art for the video release of Roussimoff’s film, “Trail Of Blood”.

Now you can own the Genuine Original Oil Painting made exclusively for the Film!!!


Oil on Canvas-Panel by Ari Roussimoff