We are offering for the very first time, a select group of major monumental-sized Roussimoff works dating back to the 1970's. These extraordinary works have in the past been featured in some of the artist's most important art gallery exhibitions. The dynamic "THE RABBI IN BLUE AND GOLD" is a Genuine Signed and Dated (1976) Ari Roussimoff Oil on Canvas Painting, measuring a very large 29 x 60 inches. The perfect centerpiece for a great collection! This highly expressive representation of a Miracle Working Hassidic Rabbi was inspired by the legends surrounding the great Rabbi Baal Shem Tov, who was the Ukranian born founder of the Hassidic movement. "THE RABBI IN BLUE AND GOLD" depicts a traditional old-world "Rebbe" (Hassidic spiritual leader), attired in the traditional high Fur Hat known as a Spodik. This manner of dress was representative of most Eastern European Rabbis, as well as the regular folk. The "Spodik" hat, was frequently worn by Rabbis of both the Hassidic and the Misnaggid groups. Although today, many traditional Rabbis and a few Hassidic groups still wear this hat, it has generally been replaced by the more frequently seen "Shtreiml" (a low fur hat comprised of 13 tails). Back in the Shtetls (small Jewish towns of Eastern Europe), Villages and Cities of the Old Country, many of the Rabbis wore this distinguished looking higher fur hat. In the Jewish history of that part of the world, there were many amazing miracles attributed to various Spiritual Masters. In this particular work, the artist shows us the wise and most learned town Rabbi, a great humanitarian, whose dedication to helping the community is manifested in the deep soulful expression of his eyes. This is a man of great wisdom and love, he is close to nature and to all that is Holy. This Genuine Sparkling Gem of a painting will take the viewer back into space and time. The colouring of this painting is highly expressive, yet it is very sensitive and poetic. The colours can be described as having a true mystical feeling to them. This work is a Wonderful Evocation of a World Which Still Lives On in Our Hearts and Memories. A REAL MAJESTIC WORK OF ART!


Art critic Will Grant writes in ArtSpeak Magazine, "Ari Roussimoff...depicts in high color and folk with intellectual art, the passionate life and people in small Jewish villages in Russia. There is great richness here, a heritage only begun to be revealed by Marc Chagall and to be better understood by seeing also the many oils (by Roussimoff) at Eduard Nakhamkin Fine Arts Gallery..."



Oil on Canvas by Ari Roussimoff