”AROUND THE SNOWMAN” is a Genuine All-New (2003) Signed And Dated Early Ari Roussimoff Oil on Panel Painting, measuring 8 x 10 inches. What a great sense of fun and whimsy! The ancient historic hometown, all covered by a deep winter snowfall, serves as the perfect setting for joyful play as a group of locals lovingly dance around a huge life-like snowman. The snowman, decked out in a most stylish black top hat, seems to be smiling at the festivities. What a delightful depiction of the snow-blanketed winter season with its soft white snowflakes gently floating about everywhere. Very few artists succeed in bringing out the triumphantly peaceful spirit of this time of year as well as does Roussimoff. Since early childhood, and right up to the present day, the artist anxiously awaits the days of winter, just in order to experience the pleasures of snow. He just loves it! And this is all very evident in this exuberant little jewel of a picture. With his range of magic colours and thick, rich brushwork, it appears as if the artist actually painted this by using actual snow instead of paint. That is how very life-like this artwork is. A Gem! One can practically breathe in the crisp, clean air of the winter day. This charm-filled fantasy is a glorious tribute to both childhood and the small Russian towns of old. This particular archetypal place is the quintessential embodiment of thousands of small towns across Eastern Europe that are both beloved and nostalgic memories in the hearts of those who have once lived there. It is an environment reminiscent of a story by Gogol. In the crisp clear Slavic air of wintertime, the scene creates a life-affirming rendering of what winters were like in the old fairytalelike Russian countryside. This beautiful and serene “AROUND THE SNOWMAN” represents a True Folk Fable, a Fantastical Vision, which will take the viewer back into space and time. It is a Wonderful Evocation of a World Which Still Lives On in Our Hearts and Memories.


Oil on Panel by Ari Roussimoff