"JEWISH VILLAGE WITH GOAT" is a Genuine Signed And Dated Ari Roussimoff Oil on Canvas Painting, measuring 14 x 18 inches. The richly textured canvas was began in the year 1970 and finished in 2004. This is a wonderful folk-like rendering of the humble and down-to-earth life as it once was in the typical Jewish villages of Russia, Ukraine, Ploand and throughout Eastern Europe. As the hard-working old watercarrier makes his way down the rugged and unpaved road to deliver his buckets to a customer, a lovable goat quietly looks with on curiousity. This picture is infused with much delightful gentleness of spirit. The entire surface is bathed in a magically rich colour scheme and a vigorously textured surface that suggests a warm summer evening. A truly delightful memory of a once-upon-a-time vanished world!


Art critic Will Grant writes in ArtSpeak Magazine, "Ari Roussimoff...depicts in high color and folk with intellectual art, the passionate life and people in small Jewish villages in Russia. There is great richness here, a heritage only begun to be revealed by Marc Chagall and to be better understood by seeing also the many oils (by Roussimoff) at Eduard Nakhamkin Fine Arts Gallery..."



Oil on Canvas by Ari Roussimoff

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